The 9AM-10AM Future Shredders clinic is a specially designed program for children aged 10 years and under who are interested in learning how to skateboard. This clinic is run by local professional skateboarders and skate enthusiasts who have years of experience in skateboarding and are passionate about teaching kids the fundamentals of skateboarding.

The clinic is held in the kids' section of the park, which is a safe and supervised environment for children to learn and practice skateboarding. During the clinic, the instructors will provide hands-on lessons and skate training to the kids. They will teach them the basics of skateboarding, such as how to stand on the board, balance, push, turn, and stop. The instructors will also show the kids how to perform various tricks, such as ollies, kickflips, and grinds.

The Future Shredders clinic is an excellent opportunity for kids to develop their skateboarding skills in a fun and supportive environment. The instructors will provide individual attention to each child and help them improve their technique and style. They will also teach the kids about skate park etiquette, safety, and proper gear.

Overall, the Future Shredders clinic is a great way for kids to get into skateboarding and learn from experienced professionals and enthusiasts. By participating in this clinic, kids can develop their skills and passion for skateboarding while having fun and making new friends.