330PM-430PM Bangerz for Bucks


Skaters will have the opportunity to showcase their skills on these iconic features, attempting to land their most impressive tricks. Judges will be evaluating each skater based on the difficulty, creativity, and style of their tricks. The skater with the highest score will be awarded a cash prize.

This event promises to be a high-energy and exciting competition that will showcase some of the best skating talents in the park. Skaters will be pushing themselves to their limits and taking risks to land their best tricks.

The cash prizes offered by the New Balance team are a fantastic incentive for skaters to push their skills and perform their best. The Granite Hubba, Handrail, and 3Flat3 are challenging obstacles that require technical proficiency, balance, and speed. Skaters who can master these obstacles and land their best tricks are sure to impress the judges and the crowd.

Overall, Bangerz for Bucks is a thrilling event that skaters won't want to miss. The chance to win cash prizes and showcase their skills in front of the New Balance team is an excellent opportunity for skaters to test their abilities and gain recognition for their hard work and talent.