10AM-11AM Gremlin Jam (AGES 10-15)


The Gremlin Jam is a one-hour event that takes place from 10AM to 11AM in the skate park. This event is open to skaters aged 10 and up, and it offers them exclusive access to Zone 1 in the park. Zone 1 is typically reserved for more advanced skaters, so this is an excellent opportunity for skaters to test their skills and push themselves to new heights.

During the Gremlin Jam, skaters will have the chance to showcase their best tricks and moves in Zone 1. They will be judged by a panel of local skate shop owners and professionals who will be looking for creativity, difficulty, and style. Skaters will have a limited amount of time to show off their skills, and the judges will award points based on their performance.

At the end of the Gremlin Jam, the skater with the highest score will be declared the winner and receive a prize from one of the local skate shops sponsoring the event. Prizes may include skateboard decks, wheels, bearings, clothing, and other skateboarding gear.

The Gremlin Jam is an exciting and challenging event that offers skaters a chance to compete against their peers and show off their skills. It's also a great opportunity for skaters to connect with the local skateboarding community, meet other skaters, and learn from experienced professionals.

Overall, the Gremlin Jam is a fun and thrilling event that skaters won't want to miss. Whether they're seasoned veterans or just getting started, skaters aged 10 and up are sure to have a blast at this event and leave with memories that will last a lifetime.